The App

Draw doorways in the air and step through to come face to face with the stories of Downhill Demesne.

HistorySpace uses the latest mobile technologies including augmented reality and geo-location to provide visitors to Mussenden and Downhill with new forms of interpretive content that will engage and immerse them in the history of the site in innovative and exciting ways.

By linking physical and virtual spaces, HistorySpace prompts visitors to Mussenden and Downhill to explore the majestic clifftop location and discover the music, art, legends and stories of the people who lived there hundreds of years ago – with their phone in one hand and feet firmly on the ground

Requiring the visitor to physically engage with the physical space in order to understand the history of the site is at the core of the project. Using the HistorySpace app, the visitor is essentially acting out stories to understand what is would have been like to live at Downhill during the life and times of Bishop Hervey.